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A daughter, Veteran, mother, and wife who achieved a Bachelor of Science in Psychology  from University of Houston-Downtown in 2005. I went on to receive a Master's of Education from Texas Southern University with a focus in Counseling in 2007.  I am Board Certified by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.  Following a 8 year career in the US Army where I served in Operation Desert Storm, I decided to acquire  skills that I never received as a soldier when mandated to seek counseling by my superiors or later in life when my father died and I sunk into an 8-year depression as a result of such. This is when POW was formed.  Here, I make it my mission to provide  what I really desired in a therapist, someone that allows  venting frustrations from daily life without fear of reprisal or condemnation. Someone that allows for understanding that it is ok not to function at 100% but willing to assist in getting to that point.  That is what I will provide to anyone that enters this zone.

" YOU matter to me "

If you choose to enter this environment, understand that you will encounter an individual that is human and has the same exact HUMAN flaws that you exhibit or have faced at some point in life.  Know that you are in a "judgment free zone" where you are allowed the ability to be yourself without apology to anyone; A SAFE PLACE. 

 Here, YOU are the focus and it is your opportunity to vocalize your feedings and be validated for doing so.  If there is ONE place where your voice will be heard and make a difference .............let it be here. 

Let's Dance...

Our  session consists of a finely tuned interaction (conversation) between you and I where you take the lead and I follow.  I will only direct you in the event that you lose your way.  While I may not tell you what you desire to hear, I will ALWAYS tell you what is essential for your growth which will help you long-term in becoming very productive internally so that it radiates externally.

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